The City

San Francisco

Neverland Francisco: High Tied

Threat/Theme: Edge of White Council Territory
Aspect: The Wild West
Face: Richard Clinger, George Crumb, Casey Whelan

Threat: Don’t Step Off The Beaten path
Aspect: Secret Heart
Face: The Jailer, Mystery Gang Leader

Theme: No One’s Really “From” Here
Aspect: Melting Pot
Face: Fierce Garant, Littlebird, Domino Vranos

Supernatural Status Quo:
The Wild Fae are powerful in SF — so much so that the Winter and Summer Courts hold a sort of truce so they can have some power in the city. At the same time, the White Court is plenty happy with its small-but-healthy influence. The mysterious spiritual prison Alcatraz is, more or less, left to its own devices — no one really knows enough about it to want to cause any trouble.
Over it all stands the less-than-wholesome mayor; a being of dubious affiliation.

Mortal Status Quo:
SF will always be a city with a secret heart. It looks great from the touristy bits, but venturing beyond the realm of safety and it’s a whole different city. Gangs rule the dirty neighborhoods and corporations rule the clean. In the center you have people-driven portions of the city, like the Castro, struggling not to be taken over by one side or the other.


The City

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